Swan and Cygnet Woods

Swan and Cygnet Woods are an area of attractive Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland managed by the Woodland Trust.

There are seven entrances to the site, with the most popular being accessed from a car park in Swan Lane, a few hundred metres north of the village centre.

Swan Wood was purchased by the Woodland Trust in 1989, with several further parcels of land added in 2000 to help buffer the core ancient woodland, one of which has been named Cygnet Wood.

The existing woodland is an excellent example of ancient woodland with hornbeam and chestnut coppice with oak standards. Both pedunculate and sessile oak are present along with alder, ash, rowan, birch, holly, field maple, beech, willow, aspen and hawthorn.

The site is bisected by a small stream, surrounded by an area of alder carr.

Ground flora consists of patches of bluebells in the spring, along with pignut, yellow pimpernel, wood sorrel, wood anemone, primrose and yellow archangel.

The surrounding landscape is characterised by a mosaic of undulating arable expanse, dotted with small blocks of woodland.

The wood is typical of the area with oak standards and hornbeam coppice, a reminder that its timber was used to fuel much of London in past years.

A public footpath runs along the northern boundary and the wood is regularly used by visitors enjoying quiet recreation.

For more information, click here to visit the Woodland Trust website.


Stock, Essex

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