Works underway on The Common

Works commissioned by Stock Parish Council to reduce waterlogging on The Common have started this week.

Villagers will know that, with the existing ditch having nowhere to carry excess water, it had silted up in recent years, reducing its depth and function and causing The Common to become waterlogged following periods of heavy or sustained rainfall or snow.

Work is therefore being undertaken to dig and clear the existing ditch, largely by hand because of the presence of tree roots.

Once this has been completed, Gabion Baskets will be installed under the surface which should help to drain the water and support the ditch to stop it collapsing and silting up again in the future.

Two swales are also being dug out on either side of The Common – one adjacent to the car park and the other where the pond was previously filled in – to manage the runoff and help to reduce the impact of water on The Common.

The final stage of the project will see improvements made to the car park and the planting of new trees.

Stock Parish Council thanks villagers for their support for this project.

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